Plain Daughter

Francis Clare Fischer

Daughter mine

      retreating into Quaker silence.

Large grey eyes closed upon the world;

      black shawl wrapped round like prayer.


Thee walks quietly into daily life

      and fills my hopes of peace continued.

Companion to Owls as poor Job lamented;

      herein, thy joy is found.


No long pain of family ill

      continues in thy walk.

Thee has dismissed it

      and wrapped thy quietness against it.


Peace, is there, in thy contentedness;

      studied though it may be.

Here, I find forgiveness of old pain,

      too long forsworn.


Unworldly, by design, cloistered in marriage.

      Behind the veil of soft grey eyes

Is the careful kindness of intentioned grace.

      With blessings, daughter, I bid thee follow this, thy Quaker habit.

Reprinted from The Call

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