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The Plain Testimony was formerly a more evident aspect of the Religious Society of Friends than it is today in the Twenty-First Century.  Plain Friends are most often found among Conservative Friends, but by no means all Conservative Friends are plain.  Friends are not required to dress, speak, or live plain, but some among us are led to do so, in varying degrees.  This page is designed to be supportive to those who are plain, and may help to explain plainness to those who are not plain. 

The links below connect to writings by contemporary Christian Friends (some Conservative, some primitive) on the Plain Testimony and their experiences with plainness.  Friends are invited to share their own thoughts, leadings, and experiences here.  Some resources for plain Friends are included in our resources listing.

Source for Plain, Friends' Style Broad-brimmed Hats

Seth Hinshaw has reached an understanding with a hat-maker who will manufacture broad-brimmed hats in the proper Friends' style, in "Quaker Grey."
Before he can place the order, however, we need at least 12 hats ordered, to make this workable for the manufacturer.
Please be aware that these are quality hats, not souvenir style, and the cost - to be determined when the order is placed - is expected to be $70 or more per hat.
To order, contact Seth Hinshaw:

Francis Clare Fischer
on the Plain Testimony

Tony Back Adams
on the Plain testimony

Jack Smith
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Bill Carnagey
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Simon Watson
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Philip Helms
"In the World, But Not of It

Faye Chapman
"Conservative and Honest, But Not Plain"

Francis Clare Fischer
"The Prayer Cap"

Francis Clare Fischer
"The Pauline Marriage"

Francis Clare Fischer
"Plain Daughter" (poem)

Kimberly Anne Makela
"Thoughts on Forgiveness and
the Nickel Mines Tragedy"

Kimberly Anne Makela
"My Plain Testimony"

Valerie Hibbard
"On Plain Dress"

Kimberly Anne Makela
"Going Plain"

Constance Tonge
"To Wear a Bonnet, or Not?"

T.H.S. Wallace
"Dressing Plain and Simple"