The Plain Testimony

Quotations from Friends of today, about plainness.

Reprinted from The Call


When a person is fully convinced of the Truth, he or she will desire to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit for every aspect of their life, which means a total commitment.  We can find our example in Jesus Christ who gave his life for us on the cross.  We can become his Friends if we are prepared to do whatsoever he commands us.  If we are fully prepared to do this and are ready to respond to the promptings of the Comforter then no reasons of worldly expediency are required.  The plain testimonies are not virtuous or a means of salvation in themselves, but are, or should be if undertaken for the right reasons, outward signs of something that has occurred within.  They are a constant reminder of the life that has opened up for us, every time we get dressed and every time we engage in conversation, and they become a hedge set around us, saving us from many temptations and harmful diversions.  As they are either outwardly visible or audible they can and should be a means for us to witness to the Power by which we are moved, to those with whom we come in contact.

We should shun all signs of appearing to others as being “holier than thou;” rather we should seek to exhibit a lowly and humble demeanor, with a quiet confidence in the Lord, as being more fitting to a follower of Christ.

The old Friends used to say “that we should seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit in every thing we do, from picking up a pin to speaking to a King.”  We are called to be in the world, but not of the world, neither are we to be conformed to it; therefore we are to avoid the world’s passing fashions.

We should not undertake these things as our own personal ego-trip or because we want to appear eccentric, odd, or peculiar and thus make ourselves different and interesting; rather we undertake these things because the Lord calls us, and we have no other choice.

Tony Back-Adams



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